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Our Technical Director, Keith Barker, recently attended a course on ‘Alternative repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings’ at the PCA’s Huntingdon training venue.

The course was aimed at professionals working on traditional buildings, defined as solid-walled properties, pre-dating about 1919.

The focus was on how traditional methods of repair can be embraced in these modern times. As these buildings represent no less than 20 per cent of the country’s housing stock, there’s a compelling case to look at them in isolation.

Douglas Kent, Technical and Research Director at SPAB, presented the course along with an expert lime plasterer & timber repair carpenter. The course explained how traditionally constructed buildings differ in their construction from modern buildings and explained the SPAB’s philosophy of ‘conservative repair’.

Keith said “The event delivered a practical insight into traditional repair. Topics were as diverse as the use of lime and strategies that reduce the use of chemical fungicides. The workshop also highlighted the pros and cons of both modern and traditional building repair strategies and looked at the importance of working with clients to set and achieve expectations” He added that he had found it very interesting.

Alternative repair Strategies for Traditional Buildings

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