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With decades of combined experience in the industry, APP is your go-to waterproofing specialist in Saffron Walden. As leading providers of effective long-lasting solutions to all kinds of damp-proofing and watertight issues, we guarantee that every property under our care will achieve a comfortably dry internal environment.

Using the latest tools and technologies, future complications due to rising dampness, condensation or even structural weak points caused by prolonged exposure to standing water can be negated. Our team can provide a cost-effective solution, restoring your home or business premises back to its former glory with as minimal disruption as possible.

At APP, we understand that when it comes to waterproofing, you not only want peace of mind but also improved value, comfort and longevity for your residence or commercial space. With us as your trusted provider, we can achieve your objectives. So contact us today if you need help with your property preservation or waterproofing project.

Over 50 Years of Structural Waterproofing in Saffron Walden

For over half a century, APP has been the premier structural waterproofing company in Saffron Walden and beyond. Our experienced professionals have developed industry-leading expertise since 1967 and can provide tailored solutions to any waterproofing needs you may have.

We understand that every project is unique requiring an individual approach. That’s why our team of experts makes sure to meticulously assess each job before delivering an ideal outcome that prevents water ingress for years to come.

No matter what type of property or structure you own, APP employs the latest technologies to guarantee complete waterproofing success – from start to finish. When you choose APP as your contractor we make sure to complete the project to the highest standard no matter the size of the job.

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A Professional Basement Waterproofing Solution

There can be a lot of unclear information when searching for the best solution to your basement waterproofing or damp-proofing needs. You need to make sure you are comfortable with your choice and the contractor you use should give you all the information you need and be clear as possible. 

Our team of experts go out of their way to deliver honest and transparent services to all our clients. We are committed to ensuring that all regulations are met during every project, and guarantee full insurance coverage for every job we do.

Our comprehensive services also come with comprehensive customer care, making sure you get the best possible results without compromising on unwavering quality or comfort. With APP, you can trust that your basement will always be safe and secure from moisture damage for years to come.

Before installation of waterproof membrane
Play room in a white basement living room

Basement Conversions in Saffron Walden

For over a five decades, APP has been the leading expert in basement conversions in Saffron Walden and beyond. Our specialism is transforming darkness into light by re-inventing unused areas into useful, comfortable spaces. We provide our customers with the perfect solution to maximise their floor space and increase their property’s value while making the most of the area beneath them.

At APP, we recognise that no two projects are ever alike when it comes to basement conversions – which is why we take extra care to tailor each job to your specific needs and budget. By doing so, all relevant legal regulations are met and all necessary insulation and waterproofing services are addressed – giving you total peace of mind.

Our experienced team also pays keen attention to every detail during every project; making sure that all wiring, plumbing, lighting and ventilation systems are expertly incorporated within the completed space. 

Contact us today if you’re thinking of having a basement conversion at your Saffron Walden property.

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Comprehensive Property Preservation Services

Property preservation is an integral facet of residential and commercial property management, aiming to safeguard properties from deterioration and preserve their value. 

We prioritise proactive maintenance activities such as regular inspections, cleaning, repairs to roofs and walls along with any plumbing or electrical systems issues. Fundamental to this process is the protection against structural damage due to neglect or extreme weather conditions. 

Additionally, energy efficiency is increased through an upgrade of old waterproofing solutions and insulation. APP has been at the forefront of property preservation across East Anglia for over 50 years, so you can trust us to provide the ideal solutions.

Damp Diagnosis

Damp Control Solutions Throughout Saffron Walden

Acknowledging the critical importance of damp control in properties and the risks posed by moisture-related issues is paramount – making APP the ideal choice for preventing and addressing these problems. We provide a comprehensive range of services that eradicate any potential damage from mould, mildew, and rising or penetrating damp. 

Our knowledgeable team are experienced in both domestic and commercial properties. We conduct extensive inspections to pinpoint the source before formulating an action plan tailored to your needs. APP’s superior customer service accompanies you throughout each step of the process, offering a personal touch every time. 

Identifying and rectifying rising or penetrating damp should not be ignored – it can cause irreversible damage if left unchecked. Put your trust in APP today and ensure your property remains safe and secure.

Black Mould

Solving Rising Damp

The threat of rising damp in properties cannot be underestimated, and it is crucial to identify an appropriate solution. 

Upon inspection, we can establish the source of the issue before providing effective treatments such as physical damp proof courses (DPC) or DPC creams injected into masonry cavities or around windows and doors. Purchasing a dehumidifier is another recommended solution to help regulate air moisture levels. Applying specialist chemicals directly onto brickwork and mortar joints also stops water molecules from crossing through them. 

At APP, we understand your need for quick, efficient solutions to rising damp problems – without causing harm to your property. If you live in Saffron Walden or the surrounding area, contact us today to discuss our various options to suit your unique requirements!

Black Mould

Do You Have an Issue With Penetrating Damp?

The presence of penetrating damp in properties is a cause for serious concern, as it can have detrimental effects on living conditions and the building structure itself. To restore these properties, it is essential to identify the source of the issue and apply an appropriate solution. 

Typically, penetrating damp solutions involve tackling both external and internal factors. External factors may include roof repairs or replacing damaged soffits and fascias, while internal solutions may focus on fixing insulation issues or treating cavity walls with silicone-based creams. It is also important to ensure that any guttering system is clear and functioning correctly. 

If you have concerns about penetrating damp in your property, contact APP today. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection and create a tailored action plan to suit your needs. Don’t wait – call us now to protect your property against the damaging effects of moisture!

Keeping your property safe from penetrating damp is an important task. That’s why you should entrust your property to the experts at APP in Saffron Walden. Our team are highly trained and experienced in dealing with rising and penetrating damp. We perform thorough inspections to locate the cause, then put together a plan tailored to your individual needs for the best possible outcome.  

Don’t wait – contact us today for more information on how we can help protect your home or business against any damage caused by moisture-related issues. With our professional advice and expertise, you can rest assured that your property will remain free from any damaging effects of moisture!

Black Mould Renovations

Experts in Condensation Solutions

Condensation damp is a widespread issue in properties across Saffron Walden, and effective solutions must be identified to ensure comfort and healthy living conditions. At APP, we provide expert guidance on the best course of action for your particular needs – from minor repairs to more comprehensive remedial action. 

It is essential to identify the source of the problem before proceeding with further action. To reduce humidity in your home, you can open windows more often or install extractor fans in areas prone to condensation. Additional insulation may also be recommended to stop warm air from escaping, while dehumidifiers can help regulate air moisture levels as well. 

If outside influences such as broken roof tiles or inadequate guttering systems are causing water ingress into your property, specific steps need to be taken before internal treatments can be applied; otherwise, there is the risk of water seeping back into the walls and causing further problems. 

Feel free to contact us today for professional advice regarding condensation issues within your home! Our experienced team will locate problem areas and devise an appropriate solution based on your individual requirements – allowing your property to remain free from any damages caused by moisture-related issues.

Condensation build-up on windows causing mould

Eradicate Black Mould

Unchecked black mould can be a hazardous health risk in properties across Saffron Walden. It’s essential to take action quickly upon discovering any signs. Before implementing any solutions, you should first identify the cause of the problem. This typically requirs an inspection from a professional surveyor. 

Condensation damp can be addressed with improved ventilation methods, such as replacing seals on windows or fitting extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, installing dehumidifiers or waterproofing external walls can help prevent further outbreaks. 

If you suspect your property is suffering from black mould in Saffron Walden, contact us today for expert advice on the best course of action available to you. Our experienced team are trained and equipped to provide suitable solutions tailored to your particular needs. Our goal is to restore your property back to a healthy condition without any long-term damage.

Black Mould

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Wood Beams

Qualified Timber Preservation Surveyors in Saffron Walden

The structural stability of your property depends on the condition of its timber components – leaving them unprotected can lead to costly repair bills, or even unsafe living conditions. That’s why specialists should carry out surveys for signs of damage and take preventative action immediately.

Wood preservatives are an effective and inexpensive way to protect timber from fungal decay, woodworm and other damage caused by moisture and insects. Applying these products properly is essential for their effectiveness. If you’re unsure about what kind of treatment is necessary for your particular timber components, it’s advisable to seek expert guidance. Our qualified team at APP will conduct a survey quickly and easily, providing the appropriate recommendations that will save you time, money, and further harm in the long run. 

For any timber preservation requirements or services in Saffron Walden – contact us today! We provide tailored advice and surveys as needed.

Timber Resin Repair

Wet Rot Remediation Experts

Wet rot is a type of fungal decay that affects many types of wood, such as joists, flooring, and walls. It requires a higher level of humidity to thrive than dry rot – typically caused by sources such as water or steam. Left untreated, wet rot can cause significant damage to properties and spread rapidly – making it essential to identify the source issue for successful prevention.

For this reason, an inspection from an experienced professional is usually necessary in order to assess any underlying factors; for instance, condensation damp or poor ventilation. Tailored solutions can then be implemented depending on the findings, such as replacing seals on windows or installing extractor fans in areas with high moisture levels.

If wet rot has already taken hold inside your home then specialised cleaning products should be used for removal. Alternatively, contact us at APP for expert advice tailored specifically to your needs. We provide professional solutions based on your individual requirements, ensuring that your property remains safe and free from further harm.

Wet Wood

Dry Rot Preservation Specialists

Dry rot is a dangerous form of fungal decay that affects wood in properties and can cause immense harm if not addressed promptly. It often appears when air can’t circulate freely or temperatures are too high, fueling the growth of fungi which draw moisture from the surrounding timber.

The presence of dry rot is unmistakable – you may notice a musty smell or dark matter located at the point where the rot is occurring. Quick action must be taken as it can quickly spread, leading to weakened beams and joists and costly repair bills. If you suspect that your property has been affected by dry rot then don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for immediate assistance.

APP’s specialists will be able to inspect the property in order to assess any signs of damage and provide bespoke solutions suitable for your individual needs. When attempting removal, certain products such as fungicidal wash must be used carefully as incorrect usage may cause further harm. Always look for an expert with experience in this area if you need more information.


Woodworm Identification and Treatment

Woodworm are destructive insects that feeds on wood and can cause severe damage to furniture, floors and structural timber if left untreated. The adult beetles emerge during the summer months, but it’s possible to detect an infestation year-round by looking for signs such as small flight holes, granular frass or a musty odour.

If you think your home may be affected then it’s important to contact a woodworm treatment specialist who can recommend the most appropriate treatment plan depending on the severity of the issue – this could include chemical treatments, vacuum extraction or heat treatments. 

Here at APP, we are highly experienced when it comes to eradicating woodworm problems and will provide you with professional advice tailored specifically to your needs. Our services range from conducting surveys for potential infestations to providing effective management solutions – so call us today if you need help!

Wood Beams
House construction with termites damage

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Home Insulation

Experienced Home Insulation Providers in Saffron Walden

Installing proper insulation in your home is essential for saving energy and money. Not only can it cut back on heat loss, but it also makes for a healthier and more comfortable living quality. 

Professional installation is recommended to ensure the job is done correctly and safely as gaps left by a poor fitting will reduce the efficiency of your insulation. Different types of insulation require different techniques for fitting, so seek out experienced professionals who understand how best to fit them without any guesswork involved. 

At APP we offer services that are tailored to your needs; from surveys to provide advice on improving your property’s energy efficiency, to installation options that guarantee the correct fitting of insulating materials. We have extensive experience in this field, so if you live near Saffron Walden don’t hesitate to get in touch – our team is here to help!

APP Insulation Fitting on External Walls

Quality Loft Insulation Providers

The UK is renowned for its high energy efficiency standards, and loft insulation regulation is no exception. According to government legislation in 2003 lofts must be insulated to a minimum level of 270mm in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, or 250mm in Scotland. Despite this, there are still 3 million homes across the country with inadequate or no insulation in their lofts – meaning increased energy bills and wasted energy over time.

Not only will appropriate levels of insulation help save you money, but it’ll also reduce your home’s carbon footprint too. Studies have demonstrated that insulating your loft can save up to 1 tonne of CO2 emissions per year on average; the equivalent of taking a car off the road annually! 

At APP we recognise how significant loft insulation really is – our knowledgeable team provide professional services tailored precisely to your needs, from surveys to installation options. Contact us today if you want to improve your property’s energy efficiency!

Home Insulation

Expert Room in Roof Insulating Solutions

Ensuring your home is energy efficient is essential and room in roof insulation plays a pivotal role in this. 

Insulating such an area requires different materials depending on the type of roof construction, ranging from reflective foil to rigid foam boards. Good ventilation is just as important for rooms in roofs – without it, moisture will build up leading to mould or condensation damage that can affect wooden frames and beams. Additionally, insufficient ventilation can also damage insulation materials and reduce their life span. To prevent this, heat recovery systems like air bricks, mechanical extractor fans, and trickle vents should be implemented to remove stale air while maintaining a healthy living environment.

At APP, we are well aware of the significance of top-notch room in roof insulation. Our knowledgeable team will provide advice that is tailored to your requirements, from conducting surveys to installation options and ventilation systems. With our help, you can rest assured that your room in roof will be energy efficient and well protected.

Complete Internal Wall Insulation Services

Internal wall insulation is a key factor in maximising energy efficiency and lowering energy bills. 

This involves installing additional layers of material, such as mineral wool or rigid foam boards, to the internal walls and cavities of your property to reduce heat loss and keep your home warm for longer. 

Studies have shown that this can decrease energy expenditure by up to 40%, with higher quality products like rockwool providing effective noise reduction due to their sound absorption capabilities. 

We at APP are extremely knowledgeable in this department with over 50 years of experience helping properties across Saffron Walden and nearby areas – so trust us when we say that our professional survey, design, and installation services will make a significant difference to your home.

Insulation Fitting
Ground Gas Protection

Complete Ground Gas Membrane Services in Saffron Walden

Ground gas membranes are essential for safeguarding properties from dangerous and potentially hazardous gases, most typically carbon dioxide and methane, that can be found in contaminated land or subsoil. 

As these gasses are immensely dangerous, failing to take the proper precautions can not only lead to structural damage to the building, but also increase health risks. Fortunately, ground gas membranes act as an effective protective layer between the substrate below the property (e.g. soil or concrete) and its foundation, providing superior insulation that keeps these poisons at bay. 

Our team at APP have extensive expertise in this area and specialise in installing plastic sheets or foils before any construction takes place, removing the dangers of toxic ground gases.

Quality Ground Gas Survey Providers

The necessity of ground gas membranes can never be overlooked when constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, as it is paramount to ensure the safety of those living in or working at the property. 

This precautionary measure is put in place to protect against potentially hazardous contamination that could come from prior activity such as landfill sites. Their presence not only safeguards against extreme structural damage, but also acts as a barrier to prevent the entry of noxious gasses like carbon dioxide and methane which, if left unchecked, can have devastating long-term health effects on individuals. 

Investing in a quality ground gas survey is therefore essential and APP is an industry leader in this field. We’ll make sure your property is secure from all external dangers.

Ground Gas Protection

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