Damp Basement Solutions – For A Valuable Home Extension

The prices of properties across Cambridgeshire have risen exponentially and continue to grow unabated in recent times. The best bet in these times is to use your available space optimally. 

Why pay for a home extension when you can transform your basement into a valuable space for your property? 

However, one of the common problems the basement often suffers from is dampness due to it being below ground level. It can not only damage valuables or anything you store there but, in the long run, can cause damage to your structural integrity. 

Moreover, high moisture levels due to dampness may give rise to mould in the basement, making the environment unpleasant and unhealthy. 

Worry not – read on for our damp basement solutions that will transform your cold and damp basement into a healthy, functional, and valuable living space. 

A basement room being renovated
Renovating a damp basement

The Crucial First Step

Before you go ahead and employ any damp basement solutions, a thorough inspection and diagnosis are essential to understand the root cause and intensity of the problem. 

Some of the most common sources of basement dampness are:

Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by increasing levels of groundwater seeping through your property’s foundation walls. Damaged, faulty, or missing damp-proof course could be the cause of this. 

Penetrating Damp

This is usually caused due to leakages in the basement structure. These leaks can occur on roofs, windows, or walls, allowing water or moisture penetration, eventually requiring professional damp basement solutions


The basement needs adequate ventilation to safeguard against dampness. The basement is usually cooler, and humid air will condense on basement walls when warm air reaches it. 

If this condensation cycle goes on long enough, it will eventually make the basement unusable.

Professional Damp Basement Solutions For Long-Lasting and Effective Results

Many homeowners prefer to implement DIY damp basement solutions, and while it can fix minor issues, it is not a long-lasting solution you can rely on. 

Professional intervention from a trusted local waterproof specialist offers reliable and long-term solutions you can rely on. 

Below are some of the professional damp solutions often chosen depending on the cause and intensity of basement dampness:

Chemical Damp-Proofing Course Injection 

It is a fast and minimally disruptive damp basement solution often recommended to deal with dampness, especially due to rising groundwater.

In this method, a waterproof chemical is injected into the walls, creating a damp-proof layer to protect against rising dampness.

Basement Tanking

This method is more involved than the above waterproofing system. Basement tanking involves the application of a waterproof slurry to the internal walls of the basement.

It is a perfect solution often preferred for severe dampness.

Cavity Drain Membrane Systems

This membrane system is often applied internally in the basement. A cavity is created, and a membrane collects and diverts water for discharge to a sump dump.

French Drain Installation

This is a damp basement solution in which a network of perforated pipes is buried in and around the foundation perimeter to collect and divert groundwater away from the basement.

French drain installation is an excellent preventive method used to avoid a damp basement in the first place.

Sump Pump Installation

One of the most basic solutions to remove or prevent dampness from the basement. It requires the installation of a sump pump at the basement’s lowest point to ensure any residual water is discharged.

Positive Input Ventilation and Extractor Fans

Condensation is one of the major reasons causing dampness in a basement in Cambridgeshire. 

The PIV units will help bring in fresh air while ensuring the moist internal air is flushed out through the extractor fans, keeping the moisture out and freshness in. 

Invest In Professional Damp Basement Solutions

As intrusive and permanent as it may seem, dampness in your basement is a problem that can be solved easily. Investing in a professional damp basement solution is a wise decision you must make to reclaim your basement. 

A professional intervention will help make your basement a healthy, pleasant, and dry space that you can use. It not only helps upgrade your home but also enhances its value. 

So, if your basement suffers from high moisture and dampness, don’t delay consulting a professional Cambridgeshire damp-proofing company

Make your basement usable again by appointing professional damp basement solutions, and transform it into a valuable asset for your home!

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